General Care for Carpets:

To keep your investment looking newer for longer, we recommend regular vacuuming, which will remove potentially damaging dirt & grit, which is a major cause of premature wear.

Small spot stains should be treated as soon as possible, blotting the area, not rubbing.

For large or persistent stains, we advise you to consult a professional carpet cleaner.

We recommend a good underlay be fitted with All Hessian or Woven backed carpets, this will prolong the life of your investment.

While every effort is made to ensure satisfaction, exact colour / design matching cannot be guaranteed between different rolls of carpet, due to Manufacturing Tolerance, over which we have no control. This also applies to colour of Show Samples and the carpet supplied.

All carpets regardless of yarn content and quality type, may develop dark patches caused by uneven crushing of the pile in wear. This shading cannot be prevented, however well the carpet is made, an cannot be classed as a manufacturing defect.

Berbers made from Wool or Wool mix, involve a random blend of colours. The blending process may result in a Lined effect, not always visible in a small sample. This is a charactistic of the carpet and Not a manufacturing defect.

Stain Shield Carpet Protection Plus:

For Protecting, Stain Shield is the ultimate in carpet care

When you buy your carpet from Carpets Direct we can offer you the added protection of Stain Shield Carpet Protector.

General day to day spills happen, but you can rest assured that your carpet will have maximum protection when treated with Stain Shield. Once your carpets are protected by Stain Shield, you'll find you can enjoy them much more. When it's time to clean them, they will not only come up cleaner & brighter but stay that way for longer.

This service can be added to the purchase of Any of our carpets, at an affordable price, for Total Peace of Mind.