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Striped Carpets

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Striped carpet is the new buzz word

Have you ever bothered about the beauty under your feet? Carpets are probably the most out of mind interiors at home or commercial spaces but not for those who visit your place and closely watch for every nuance.

Carpets not only make your space look elegant also help us to keep it clean and dust free. Moreover when we have kids at home they feel comfortable and are care free. They not only make your space cosy but sound absorbent as well.

They are available in various colours and designs. We can choose the best which suits our expectation the most. The market is full of carpets in different materials and designs you can imagine. Hence, there is no dearth in choices you can make.

The carpets are available in various materials including Velvet, Frieze, Shag, Axminster, Berber, Ribbed, Plush, Wool, Silk, Cotton, Jute, Sea Grass, Coir, Polyester, Nylon, Sisal-like, Wilton and Saxony. The styles in which you can get carpets are overwhelming. People get the designs cutomised according to their needs and preferences. Some people get them customised to match their interiors and over all environment at home or commercial space.

One of the growing trends is that striped carpets. You must be wondering that the last time you saw a striped carpet was on a staircase, so how come they are becoming increasingly preferable for living spaces as well. But new age design enthusiasts are finding it too attractive to replace it with the run of the mill designs. Striped carpets can be classified in two variants pinstripe and candy striped. Like other carpets, they can be customized as well. You can choose from bright loud colours if you own a commercial space which is loud and vibrant like pubs or lounge. You can also go for subtle and calm colours for your living or dining rooms to match the interiors well. You can lay striped carpets all over or combine with the existing plain ones. As far as cleaning and maintenance is concerned, because of striped patterns dirt and dust does not easily show off on these. You can choose for an appropriate spill proof material to make it more handy.

Let your home feel royal about its floor by putting some nice striped carpets on the floor.

Striped Carpets all prices include free fitting uplifting of old carpets and disposal and moving of furniture.


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