Facts about wool carpets

Facts about wool carpets

Facts about wool carpets

Wool carpets are a great flooring solution for any home. If you’re thinking about getting one for a room in your house or are interested in finding out more about them, here are some interesting facts that are sure to convert you into a fan of wool carpets.

Firstly, wool is a really durable material. This means that you can stretch it by more than 35% and it will still spring back into its original shape. Therefore, even if your carpet is in a zone of your house that gets a lot of use, the carpet will still look new for ages after you’ve bought it.

Being a natural product, nature’s purpose for wool is to keep sheep warm and dry. When it’s used to make wool carpets, you get all of those great benefits, too. For example, not only is wool really squashy and warm underfoot, but it can also take in around a third of its weight in moisture without feeling damp. This is great if you accidentally spill or drop some liquid on it as it will be much less noticeable that you’ve done so.

Wool carpets are also extremely stain resistant – they are up to 30% more resistant to stains than synthetic carpets. This means they’re ideal to have in the event you spill food or someone tramples dirt over them. The natural waxy coating of the wool also stops the stain from sinking so deep into the carpet. This makes it much easier to remove stains from wool carpets than it does from most other carpets on the market, making them perfect for children’s bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms and more.

When you consider that a single sheep can produce up to 30 pounds of wool each year and that there are over 1000 breeds of sheep in the world – many of whose coats can be used to make carpets – this makes wool carpets a great, sustainable resource as well as a great-looking one.

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