Consider Style of Commercial Carpets

Consider Style of Commercial Carpets

Consider Style of Commercial Carpets

In choosing commercial carpets for their business most people take a very narrow minded approach.  They focus only on cost, looking at the bottom line of every commercial carpet option rather than how it looks in a particular setting or how the colour of the floor covering might affect customers.  Yet paying special attention to the styling of the carpets you install in your business is extremely important to understanding how customers will react to your products and services.  Only with research and a great deal of thought can you make a well-educated decision on what type of commercial carpets suit your needs.

For example, an auto dealer might find that their business location lacks sophistication if they were to install bright orange commercial carpets on their showroom floor.  While a manager might pick them out thinking they look exciting and that they will push customers towards more expensive, exciting models, the colour orange makes people move faster.  An entire floor of bright orange commercial carpet will make customers more inclined to move through the process quickly and will likely turn them away from the car buying process, which is known for being rather slow and taking time.

By the same token choosing commercial carpet with colours that turn customers towards other products can move them away from your products as well.  Shades of green tend to motivate people to eat.  As such, having a floor covered in a soft green commercial carpet will likely strike up hunger in them and encourage them to hurry off to find something to eat.  If you have a restaurant next door, inappropriately coloured commercial carpets can force customers away from your product shelves and around the corner for a bite to eat.  While it may seem like a simple floor covering, the commercial carpet you utilise in your sales areas is actually crucial to your success, and choosing the correct style of carpeting for your setting is extremely important.

Yet there is more to style than simple colour.  Many commercial carpets feature some sort of texture or faint pattern, and when not too busy these carpets are perfectly acceptable for your showroom.  If you are not careful, however, you can set your products back by making them appear dated against an old looking commercial carpet.  If a particular texture on a commercial carpet is near the end of its fashionable life it may soon make your products appear old as well.  As such, choosing patterns that are fresh and inviting will help you move your inventory faster than dated carpets.

It is easy to open a catalogue of commercial carpets and choose the first inexpensive option that jumps out at you.  Doing so can, however, lead to some pretty serious consequences down the road.  Choosing new commercial carpet requires some research on the behalf of the purchasing company to avoid mistakes in connecting products to their surroundings.  With careful thought floor coverings can lead customers towards purchases.  Without careful consideration, an ill-fitting commercial carpet can quickly pull customers away.

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