The best things about a new carpet

The best things about a new carpet

The best things about a new carpet

Save up for a new carpet and when you can finally afford to order and pay for the wool twist it’s such a fabulous feeling. A new carpet brings so much pleasure to your life, you might not realise this at the time but this new flooring will enrich your life in so many ways.

You’ve lived with the old carpet for so long you’ll have forgotten how brilliant a new wool or wool twist carpet is, let us remind you and it’ll bring a few memories flooding back.

No more stains – Carpets get stained, that’s part of everyday life, they get trampled on, you drop food on them, drink on them and pets (sorry to say this) wee on them as well. Shampooing gets rid of stains but they’re stubborn and they keep on coming back. New carpet is stain-free, it’s totally devoid of blemishes, the fibres feel great and they look perfect too.

No more threadbare areas – Carpet wears and after a while you can start to see the backing underneath. Eke out your carpet as long as you can and it’ll start to look rather worn in certain areas. The moment you lay a new carpet this is forgotten, look after your new carpet and it’ll be years before it shows sign of wear and tear.

No shrinkage – Carpets start to shrink with age too, if you can see the grippers at the side of your room it’s definitely time to think about new flooring. Once the new carpet is laid is gives you wall to wall coverage, shrinkage will be the last thing you have to worry about. 

No embarrassment – Carpets are one of the main features of your home, make do with an old and rather tatty carpet and what does that say about your house? It’s embarrassing to live with a worn carpet, it’ll put you off inviting people to your home. Have a new carpet fitted and you can’t wait to show it off.

The new smell! Know the best thing about a new carpet? The smell! It’s a shame you can’t bottle the scent of a new carpet, not only does it look good, it smells amazing too. Rooms look cleaner and smell fresher with new carpet, isn’t it time you thought about getting your carpet replaced? 

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