Choose the Right Underlay for your Carpet

Choose the Right Underlay for your Carpet

Choose the Right Underlay for your Carpet

Many people spend hours, and sometimes days, thinking about what type of carpets (wool, nylon, polyester,…) to choose for their homes. After all, there’s a multitude of different patterns, colours and thicknesses to choose from, and getting it right is an important consideration. This is where Carpets Direct can help you by visiting your home or office in Kensington, Knightsbridge, Chelsea, Mayfair or city of London with its mobile showroom. Whatever carpet you eventually choose, you’ll be using it every day for a number of years. So why then, is the same consideration not given to the type of underlay?

Choosing the correct underlay is just as important as choosing the carpet itself. Okay, admittedly you will never see it once the carpet has been laid, but you will definitely feel its presence every time you walk on your carpet, especially if you have a wool carpet. There are also different types of underlay which perform in different ways, so you need to choose the correct underlay for whatever purpose the carpet will be used for. For example, you may want a tough hardwearing underlay for a hallway which receives heavy traffic, whereas in a lounge you may prefer a heavier more luxurious underlay which will feel softer underfoot.

Let’s face it; it can be quite confusing when trying to choose an underlay. To the untrained eye they all look fairly similar, and they all feel soft and springy when tried out in the showroom. You may also have spent a while choosing your carpet, and by the time you’ve got around to thinking about underlay you’re ready to call it a day.

Underlay is generally classified in weight. Common weights are 60lb, 80lb, 100lb, 130lb and 150lb, and usually come in three different types; Sponge rubber, PU Foam and Crumb Rubber. You should choose the weight of your underlay depending on how soft and thick you want your carpet to feel underfoot. Generally speaking, the heavier the underlay, the thicker and more luxurious your carpet will feel. The exception to this rule is the 150lb underlay, which may feel harder and stiffer. The underlay with the most luxurious feel is usually 130lb.

Another consideration is what type of subfloor you have. Concrete floors are generally colder than floorboards, so you should choose an underlay with a high tog value, as this will give better insulation. If you have under floor heating, you should choose a low tog underlay, as you don’t want heat from your system to be reflected back under the carpet.

If comfort is not critical, such as in commercial carpets and contract carpets, then you could consider using an underlay made of crumb rubber. This is made from recycled car tyres, so you will be helping to save the environment as well as covering your floor. The recycled tyres are crumbed and then bonded together to produce a very hardwearing and long lasting underlay.

In the home, you would probably be better to go for a sponge rubber underlay. These are particularly good for wool carpets and anywhere where the best comfort is needed. Sponge rubber underlay also absorb more sound than other underlay, helping the acoustics of your room.

We at Carpets Direct mobile showroom will come to your London home or office to help you save money and make the right choice for your underlay carpets!

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