Emergency Carpet Stain Removal: Red Wine

Emergency Carpet Stain Removal: Red Wine

Emergency Carpet Stain Removal: Red Wine

Your home and your workplace need to be protected from stains and spillages; so if possible, you should choose carpets which offer the most stain resistance, call Carpets Direct mobile salesroom for advice and help! You’ve just spilt a glass of fine Burgundy on your best wool carpet, what do you do? Well, apart from running around the house, trying to find the nearest thing to mop it up with… firstly don’t panic. It’s important to get most of it up as quickly as possible, but you’ll do a much better job with more haste and less speed.

Firstly, rubbing white wine onto red wine won’t work. That is just an old wives tale. It may appear to work at first, but all you’re really doing is diluting the red wine to make it look better. Secondly, don’t rub the stain vigorously, as this will only grind the red wine further into the carpet pile.

Get yourself some high absorbent paper, kitchen paper will do, and an ample supply of clean water. Mop up as much of the wine as possible using a dabbing motion with the towels. Keep doing this until you can’t get anymore out of the carpet. You won’t be able to get it all out at first, so don’t worry. Pour some of your clean water onto the stain to dilute the wine and start dabbing again. You should be able to get more of the wine up, and you’ll see this on the absorbent paper. It’s important to keep dabbing until most of the water has been removed. Repeat the process of pouring water onto the stain and dabbing until you can’t see any more wine on the paper.

Hopefully by now you should have got most of the stain out. The more dabbing you did the better the stain will be.

Use the towels to soak up as much water as you can, because the next step requires the area to be damp, but not sopping wet. Get yourself a soft damp sponge and put a very small amount of washing up liquid onto it. Apply this to the stain and this time rub the stain vigorously. Don’t use too much detergent; because you don’t want lots of bubbles, you just want the detergent agent of the liquid to lift the remnants of the wine from your wool carpet pile. Continue to rub the carpet for a good couple of minutes, and you should see the froth around the stain turn pink and red as the soapsuds lift out the wine.

Now it’s time to start the dabbing and diluting process again. Each time you repeat this method, the better the stain will be, until hopefully you won’t be able to see it at all.

This method works on most types of carpet, including wool, commercial carpets and contract carpets. You may find these easier to clean however as the piles are usually a lot closer together and don’t absorb the wine quite as much.

If the stain still shows, you may have to consider using a stronger detergent. There are many solutions on the market including special dry-cleaning chemicals. However care should be taken when using these, and you may need to call in the professionals.

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