Deciding Whether to Replace Carpet is Simple

Deciding Whether to Replace Carpet is Simple

Deciding Whether to Replace Carpet is Simple

The carpet in a room can make or break its aesthetic and determine how people feel while inside that room.  If it is fresh and clean and makes visitors feel comfortable and modern, a carpet produces a positive aesthetic.  In contrast, if a carpet looks worn and frayed, is covered in stains from years of use or looks outdated, those walking into the room will likely feel negatively towards the room and, by association, the things that take place in that room.

As such, keeping the carpets in your business location up to date and as modern as possible is extremely important to sustaining an adequate flow of business into your doors.  If customers walk into your space and are greeted with ugly carpets, their attitude will likely reflect their dissatisfaction and will lead to strained business relations.  They may take that worn carpet to mean that do not care for your property and by association that you likely do not care for your customers, either.  By the same token, a fresh, clean carpet suggests to customers that you like to see every part of your business taken care of, from the customers who give you their money to the ground they walk on.

It is not difficult to see, then, that having carpet that reflects positively on your business is extremely important to your lasting success.  But when is it time to update your old carpet?  How can you tell that it is in need to replacing?

First, take a stroll through your business as if you were a customer just walking in.  Go the places they would go and pay careful attention to any exposed carpeting.  Are there stains that are visible to customers?  Does it have a generally worn and ragged appearance?  If so, this is your first sign that it is time to get new carpet.

Next, get down on the floor and look to see how frayed the carpet really is.  If it is visibly pressed into the ground in common areas then it needs replacing soon.  By the same standard, if the loops of the carpet are split in many places or is even unraveling, make sure to get it replaced right away.

Finally, consider the styling of the carpet.  For most people this is the easiest method of all, and it certainly does not require a professional eye.  Does the carpet appear old?  Is its pattern of a style that has long since fallen out of popularity?  Do not take chances here – if it is starting to look outdated now it will be even more out of place tomorrow.

There is no reason that deciding whether or not to buy new carpet needs to be a difficult process.  It is actually very easy to tell whether or not a carpet is in need of replacing.  Simply by considering the above elements of a carpet, anyone can find flaws that will turn customers away from your business.  Lost business is lost money, so look at a new carpet not as an expense, but as an investment toward your continued success.

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