Correct Balance for your Hotel and Restaurant Carpets

Correct Balance for your Hotel and Restaurant Carpets

Correct Balance for your Hotel and Restaurant Carpets

Hotel carpets and restaurant carpets are probably the most luxurious type of commercial carpets available. Particularly in hotel rooms, you want your guests to be completely at home, and that means a warm, soft, and luxurious carpet. Much of the time, your guests may be walking around with bare feet, so it’s important that the carpets is of good quality that feels good underfoot.

With hotel carpets, not only will you have carpets in all your rooms, but also in hallways, corridors and reception areas. These carpets will receive a great deal of traffic, and will sometimes have heavy objects such as suitcases and furniture dragged along them. It’s important in these areas to have a hardwearing commercial carpet that not only looks good, and will continue looking good, but also is practical. Don’t forget that in corridors, your staff and guests will sometimes want to wheel suitcases along, so a thick-piled carpet will be unsuitable. A hotel carpet that offers little resistance to wheeled objects are best suited for these areas.

Restaurant carpets, in comparison to hotel carpets offer a unique conundrum. On one hand you want a thick luxurious carpet that diners and guests will enjoy, but on the other hand you want a carpet that is easy to clean following meals, and is hardwearing at the same time to cater for heavy traffic from waiters. In most cases, there are restaurant carpets that offer a combination of these qualities. A carpet that is both hardwearing and easy to clean, but yet soft underfoot with a luxurious feel, is an ideal carpet for your restaurant areas.

When choosing a colour scheme, consider a dark coloured carpet that won’t show dirt and grime too easily. You may not be able to clean and wash your carpets as often as you’d like in a busy environment, so light colours that show marks easily should be avoided.

You will find that if you get your hotel carpets and restaurant carpets right, your guests and customers will feel at ease and will enjoy their time with you. Happy customers are much more likely to return in the future, and they will recommend you to their friends and family. Whilst this may not be entirely down to your choice of hotel carpets and restaurant carpets, every little detail goes towards making the overall experience for your customers a pleasant one. 

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