Natural Flooring Brings Interest to a Room

Natural Flooring Brings Interest to a Room

Natural Flooring Brings Interest to a Room

When you redecorate a room you must pay careful attention to the colour palette and texture that will be combining to create a visually pleasing space.  Adding bright colours on a wall in well chosen patterns or distinctive swatches can brighten up a room and make it look more vibrant.  When you choose truly vibrant colours for walls or ceilings it is important to offset them with a neutral floor.  Natural flooring for: sisal, coir and seagrass carpet ranges offer a wide variety of neutral tones that are very warm and work with almost any colour scheme.

The unique patterns found in the warp and weft of these carpets adds a bit of visual interest to a room without drawing attention away from the bright colour scheme.  Carefully chosen lamps and art pieces can really bring the room together to create a cohesive whole.  By using these carpets thoughtfully you can bring a warm rustic feeling to your home that makes it an inviting place to enter. 

Rustic is a decorating scheme that often goes hand in hand with large country homes and hunting lodges, but it also works nicely in a den or living room.  A whole house decorated on a rustic theme might be a little overwhelming, but these carpets are available in several different rug designs as well.  If you like the natural wool carpet offerings, but think that a whole room would be a little too much, explore the many different rug options available.  A variety of shapes and sizes means that these rugs can work with any space. Additionally, natural fibre carpets are great for those rooms that serve as a in between room from the inside to the outside. It is far easier to clean natural carpets than it is to clean manmade carpets. You can also clean natural carpets using natural products instead of harsh chemicals. Sisal, coir and seagrass actually require very little cleaning apart from hoovering. If you hoover on a regular basis, you will be able to maintain your natural carpets in good stead for years to come.

Whether you are looking to make a statement with green living, or if you think that natural carpets are just better wearing, they are a good all-around choice.  Durability means that it is a great choice for families and offices, residential homes or any other place where the carpets will be subject to increased use, spillages, or mistreatment. These natural carpets can stand up to just about everything, and still come out looking pristine. For those among us that are budget conscious, just like manmade carpets, natural carpets come in a range of prices and styles that will suit anyone’s pocket book.

If for some reason you find that you are in need of replacing your carpets, you should definitely consider natural carpets. In fact in some places, you might find that you receive rebates for changing to an ecologically friendly option for your carpeting.  Why not choose natural carpets the next time that you have to replace your carpets. You will find that they are a great option.

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