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Choose a plain or wool carpet, if you want an instant makeover for your flooring, when think about changing the appearance of the room. Buying expensive interiors or changing the flooring may not be possible when you want to renovate your house. These are expensive expenditures which are done with a perspective of a long term investment. The process may also take several days which may dislodge you from your routine.

Hence, changing the flooring comes as the safest bet. It is comparatively fast to change the flooring, the downtime is less and the results are very rewarding. So just get yourself started with some plain wool carpet shopping. In London, the plain/wool carpet of your choice and under your budget is not difficult to find. We come to you in the comfort of your own home where you can see the samples under your own light and against your furnishings in the London, Essex, Kent area with own mobile van.

Carpets are available in as many materials and weaves you can imagine today. Some of the varieties in plain and wool carpets include Sisal-like, Wilton, Saxony, Velvet, Shag, Axminster, Berber, Ribbed, Plush, Wool, Sea Grass, Coir, Polyester and Nylon.

You need to keep a check on the pile, weight/density of the carpet. You can choose from tufted or woven construction we supply from 30oz to 100oz weight. A number of our 80% wool 20% manmade twist pile carpets can be used in contract locations as well as domestic homes.

Most of the carpets today are twist pile and loop pile. There are several companies which offer the samples online, to get a closer look on the quality of the pile and give good description on it but it is never equivalent to the experience of us personally visiting with the samples and having the experience of the touch and feel and how it actually looks like. Deeper and plush piles are more luxurious in touch and appearance but short piles are more design oriented in looks and are easier to maintain.

While people choose from all sorts of varieties, a wool carpet is preferred for its looks, strength, pleasing touch and static resistance qualities. Wool carpets also absorb the sound better than others. Once you have chosen the desired material check for the services offered. We offer free removal and disposal of old carpet and free moving of furniture and free installation of new carpets. Once things are in place, you can get started with getting a new look for your house.

Plain/Berber wool Carpets all prices include free fitting uplifting of old carpets and disposal and moving of furniture.

Please contact us on, if you want more product information. We come to your home as we cover all these areas London, Essex, Kent, Suffolk, Hertfordshire and Berkshire.