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Sisal Carpets

Deriving its name from the Agave Sisalana plant, Sisal carpets are created using the tough fibres harvested from the leaves, often grown specifically in hot countries that include Brazil and Mexico. The white fibres extracted make Sisal an ideal material for dying and our range of Sisal carpets reflects many of the colour choices available - from natural off-whites to warm golds, luscious browns and deep liquorice shades.

In addition to its ability to take on colour, Sisal is a remarkably tough fibre that also offers a superior aesthetic appeal, able to be included in fine weaves for exceptional resilience and longevity. Practical, pleasing to the eye and very affordable, our Sisal carpets can be found in designer portfolios up and down the UK, as well as a popular choice for those looking to add an organic feel while benefitting from a texture that’s smoother than Coir, for example.

Unlike Seagrass which started its life submerged in seawater, Sisal carpets are less suitable for rooms where moisture is a factor, but its surface returns enough friction to make Sisal suitable for stairs along with other rooms in your property. We’re confident that once you’ve seen Sisal carpets in situ that it becomes an easy decision to feature them in your home, bringing a natural warmth and an organic feel to every room you include them in.

Order a sample of Sisal carpets from each colour’s individual page, and request a quotation for your room while you’re there. If you’d like more information on any of our natural range, visit our Contact page and we’ll be happy to help.

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Sisal Boucle Anise Natural weaved carpets online
Design: Sisal Boucle Anise Colour: Natural Reference: sisal-boucle-anise_si-bo-an Width in ..
Sisal Boucle Cardamom Natural weaved carpets for living rooms
Design: Sisal Boucle Cardamom Colour: Natural Reference: sisal-boucle-cardamon-si-bo-cd Wid..
Sisal Boucle Cinnamon Natural weaved carpets for staircases
Design: Sisal Boucle Cinnamon Colour: Natural Reference: sisal-boucle-cinnamon-si-bo-cn Wid..
Sisal Boucle Cocoa Natural weaved carpets stairs
Design: Sisal Boucle Cocoa Colour: Natural Reference: sisal-boucle-cocoa_si-bo-cc Width in ..
Sisal Boucle Linseed Natural weaved carpets for dining rooms
Design: Sisal Boucle Linseed Colour: Natural Reference: sisal-boucle-linseed-si-bo-ls Width..
Sisal Boucle Liquorice Natural weaved carpet tiles
Design: Sisal Boucle Liquorice Colour: Natural Reference: sisal-boucle-liquorice_si-bo-lq W..
Sisal Boucle Nutmeg Natural weaved carpet flooring
Design: Sisal Boucle Nutmeg Colour: Natural Reference: sisal-boucle-nutmeg-si-bo-nm Width i..
Sisal Boucle Pepper Natural weaved carpets for restuarants
Design: Sisal Boucle Pepper Colour: Natural Reference: sisal-boucle-pepper_si-bo-pp Width i..
Sisal Boucle Saffron Natural weaved carpets for homes
Design: Sisal Boucle Saffron Colour: Natural Reference: sisal-boucle-saffron-si-bo-sf Width..
Sisal Boucle Sesame Natural weaved carpets online UK
Design: Sisal Boucle Sesame Colour: Natural Reference: sisal-boucle-sesame-si-bo-ss Width i..
Sisal Herringbone Nickel Natural weaved carpets commercial
Design: Sisal Herringbone Nickel Colour: Natural Reference: sisal-herringbone-nickel-si-hb-nk..
Sisal Herringbone Nickel Natural weaved carpets London
Design: Sisal Herringbone Pewter Colour: Natural Reference: sisal-herringbone-pewter-si-hb-pw..
Sisal Belize Aztec Natural weaved carpet Suffolk
Design: Sisal Belize Aztec Colour: Natural Reference: sisal-belize-aztec_si-bz-at Width in ..
Sisal Bengal Jaipur Natural weaved carpet Berkshire
Design: Sisal Bengal Jaipur Colour: Natural Reference: sisal-bengal-jaipur_si-bg-jp Width i..
Sisal Bengal Jodhpur Natural weaved carpet South East
Design: Sisal Bengal Jodhpur Colour: Natural Reference: sisal-bengal-jodhpur_si-bg-jd Width..
Sisal Bengal Mogul Natural weaved carpet anti-allergen
Design: Sisal Bengal Mogul Colour: Natural Reference: sisal-bengal-mogul-si-bg-mg Width in ..
Sisal Bengal Raj Natural weaved carpet eco-friendly
Design: Sisal Bengal Raj Colour: Natural Reference: sisal-bengal-raj-si-bg-rj Width in metr..
Sisal Bengal Ranakpur Natural weaved carpet affordable
Design: Sisal Bengal Ranakpur Colour: Natural Reference: sisal-bengal-ranakpur_si-bg-rk Wid..
Sisal Bengal Singh Natural weaved carpet domestic
Design: Sisal Bengal Singh Colour: Natural Reference: sisal-bengal-singh-si-bg-sn Width in ..
Sisal Bengal Udaipur Natural weaved carpet Berkshire living room
Design: Sisal Bengal Udaipur Colour: Natural Reference: sisal-bengal-udaipur_si-bg-up Width..
Sisal Belize Maya Natural weaved carpet Hertfordshire
Design: Sisal Belize Maya Colour: Natural Reference: sisal-belize-maya_si-bz-my Width in me..
Sisal Artemis Bronze Natural weaved carpet London
Design: Sisal Artemis Bronze Colour: Natural Reference: sisal-artemis-bronze_si-ar-br Width..
Sisal Artemis Gold Natural weaved carpet Essex
Design: Sisal Artemis Gold Colour: Natural Reference: sisal-artemis-gold_si-ar-gd Width in ..
Sisal Artemis Silver Natural weaved carpet Kent
Design: Sisal Artemis Silver Colour: Natural Reference: sisal-artemis-silver_si-ar-sv Width..
Sisal Himilaya Assam weaved carpets heavy duty floor
Design: Sisal Himilaya Assam Colour: Natural Reference: sisal-himilaya-assam_si-hm-as Width..
Sisal Himilaya Bhutan weaved carpets durable flooring Kent
Design: Sisal Himilaya Bhutan Colour: Natural Reference: sisal-himilaya-bhutan_si-hm-bt Wid..
Sisal Himilaya Kashmir weaved carpets durable lounge flooring
Design: Sisal Himilaya Kashmir Colour: Natural Reference: sisal-himilaya-kashmir_si-hm-ks W..
Sisal Himilaya Nepal weaved carpets for bedrooms anti-allergen
Design: Sisal Himilaya Nepal Colour: Natural Reference: sisal-himilaya-nepal_si-hm-np Width..