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Why pay more come to carpets direct see the carpets in the comfort of your own home

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Laminate floor to installHard Flooring

I just wanted to pass on my gratitude to Morris and Gary (especially Morris) for doing such an amazing job on my flooring and being so prof … read more

Date Added: 17/07/2017

The Secret to Wool Carpets

As expected because it's considered to be very precious, wool will readily stain and there's frequently the opportunity that these spots being long-term. Wool is among the most durable fibres utilised in carpeting. It’s able to keep high degree of temperatures within the room. It's reported … read more

Date Added: 08/06/2017

Carpets Direct and Why You Must Take Action Now!

By taking away the tiles, you must also meticulously clean out the surface beneath to be sure that no growth of bacteria, mould or mildew happens. This material contains scratch and dent resistance to a large extent. Get in touch with Carpets Direct for any info you may require seeing a specif … read more

Date Added: 08/06/2017

Carpets Direct Testimonials 2015

Carpet Laying - Graham at Carpets Direct did a great job. 

His price was very reasonable, and he had no complaints about having to deal with the rent … read more

Date Added: 02/05/2017

Buy wool carpets in Knightsbridge London without stress from Carpets Direct

Carpets direct has now come up with a new way of reaching out to its clients in London and to all of the South East of England, buying wool carpet in  Knightsbridge London can be done from the comfort of your home, as the company has a number of mobile showroom Vans visit … read more

Date Added: 21/12/2015

Why Choose Striped Wool Carpets London?

If you are looking to enhance the appearance of your home, striped wool carpets London are what you need. These types of carpets are very attractive and they create an aura of elegance around your room. What makes a striped wool carpet London special? Well, you simply need to look at the many … read more

Date Added: 20/12/2015

Looking for wool carpets in London? Carpets Direct is the best place to Buy!

Are you in need of one of the most reliable and consistence carpets suppliers in London? Do you always wish to see a collection of carpets right from the comfort of your home? Carpets direct is the right seller you can make a deal with at the moment. Carpets direct visits clients with their mo … read more

Date Added: 20/12/2015

Striped Wool Carpets Kensington Can Save You Money

Do you want a quality carpet that can save you some money? Then, consider striped wool carpets for Kensington. Why can we say a striped wool carpet can save you money? Let us examine that and also the best place to buy them.

A striped wool carpet for Kensington London is fir … read more

Date Added: 20/12/2015

Best Natural Carpets - Available at CARPETS DIRECT

Natural carpets are unique and have always portray quality; they command luxury and are been used worldwide in high profile places. However, getting the right quality can present a number of challenges; but with Carpet Directs you will get a wide range of best … read more

Date Added: 19/10/2015

Just High Quality Plain Carpets at CARPETS DIRECT

Plain carpets are amazing; they command maturity with fashionable experience, and good in the making, with high taste of quality. At carpets direct you will get fashionable luxury plain carpets that are classy for your choice. This reputable c … read more

Date Added: 19/10/2015

Natural Flooring Brings Interest to a Room

When you redecorate a room you must pay careful attention to the colour palette and texture that will be combining to create a visually pleasing space.  Adding bright colours on a wall in well chosen patterns or distinctive swatches can brighten up a room and make it look more vibrant.&nb … read more

Date Added: 19/10/2015

Correct Balance for your Hotel and Restaurant Carpets is Important

Hotel carpets and restaurant carpets are probably the most luxurious type of commercial carpets available. Particularly in hotel rooms, you want your guests to be completely at home, and that mea … read more

Date Added: 19/10/2015

Benefits You Get when You Buy Wool Carpets

If you have been thinking of decorating your home or office with carpets, there is no better way to do that than choosing wool carpets. Wool carpet has remained the best choice as far as natural beauty, comfort, and elegant look are concerned. You will love the smooth softness and the exotic d … read more

Date Added: 20/09/2015

Top Best Wool Carpets – The Must Have For Your Homes

“Carpets Direct” is one of the most reliable places to get high quality rugs. One thing is certain, buying high quality carpets either for your homes or offices will give you a peace of mind and you would always want to give them a second look. It is important to know that … read more

Date Added: 20/09/2015

Natural Carpets – The Most Reliable In Most Aspects

There is nothing as sweat as buying high quality products (that will give you maximum satisfaction) from a reliable source, such as: Carpets Direct. Natural carpets are types of carpets made primarily from natural … read more

Date Added: 20/09/2015

Why You Need a Commercial Carpet?

Carpets Direct Commercial carpet are the best décor for your office or business showroom, you can use our mobile showroom. Besides adding to the beauty and aura of your office, these carpets can withstand rough use. Because so m … read more

Date Added: 20/09/2015

Shop Carpets Play a Big Role in Customer Psychology

If you’re in retails and own your own shop, you’ll probably understand that making your customers feel welcome is the first step towards the ultimate goal of making a sale. The more comfortable your customers are, the more likely they will be to spend more time in your shop, and more likel … read more

Date Added: 31/08/2015

The Benefits of Installing Good Commercial Carpets

Carpeted offices not only look better, but they also provide a level of comfort for your staff and guests. In fact, it’s been proven that staff who feel comfortable in their surroundings are more relaxed at work and are more productive. Of course there are many things you can do in an office … read more

Date Added: 31/08/2015

Natural Carpets

Natural flooring such as sisal, coir and seagrass carpet ranges offer great variety in natural carpets for those that are trying to lead an environmentally friendly lifestyle.  Natural flooring is by definition environmentally friendly and often less expensive than other flooring options. … read more

Date Added: 31/08/2015

Deciding Whether to Replace Carpet is Simple with a Few Clear Steps

The carpet in a room can make or break its aesthetic and determine how people feel while inside that room.  If it is fresh and clean and makes visitors feel comfortable and modern, a carpet produces a positive aesthetic.  In contrast, if a carpet looks worn and frayed, is covered in … read more

Date Added: 31/08/2015

Wool Carpets for Camden London

For our customers in Camden who care about quality, Carpets Direct is perfect for you as we strive to provide excellent quality at all times. You can choose from a great range of plain, striped and wool carpets and floor coverings from the comfort of your own home or office, by allowing the Ca … read more

Date Added: 26/07/2015

Wool Carpets for Islington London

If you reside in Islington London, you may think shopping online is the right thing to do! As Islington is ideally suited for shops and also has major London shopping centres a few miles away. But we believe your best option for buying your quality wool carpets is Carpets Direct, an online car … read more

Date Added: 26/07/2015

Why Homes have Wool Carpets

Are you currently looking for a new carpet to add on your home’s interior? There are a lot of options to choose from. But, there is one worth-recommending carpet-material type you may consider. And, that is the wool carpet option.

Wool is a durable and resilient material that affo … read more

Date Added: 26/05/2015

The Advantages of having Striped Wool Carpets

Are you planning to update the loom of your home’s interior? Then, it is likely that adding a new carpet would be a big part of your interior change. As one who already performed a lot of interior changes and used different décor items, you know that wool carpets are one of the best options … read more

Date Added: 26/05/2015

Different Types of Wool Carpet

Have you ever wondered about different types of wool carpet? No? If not, then you really should because they have a long and diverse history. Plus, with literally thousands of different types of wool in the world, there is a hu … read more

Date Added: 19/04/2015

Emergency Carpet Stain Removal: Red Wine

Your home and your workplace need to be protected from stains and spillages; so if possible, you should choose carpets which offer the most stain resistance, call Carpets Direct mobile salesroom for advice and help! You’ve just spilt a glass of f … read more

Date Added: 19/04/2015

The Benefits of Installing Good Office Carpets

Carpeted offices not only look better, but they also provide a level of comfort for your staff and guests. In fact, it’s been proven that staff who feel comfortable in their surroundings are more relaxed at work and are more productive. We at Carpets Direct mobile showroom will come to your … read more

Date Added: 19/04/2015

Taking Care of Natural Carpet

Carpets Direct can help you by visiting your home in Kensington, Knightsbridge, Chelsea, Mayfair or City of London with its mobile showroom. When you take a look around any room of a home, one of the first things that you are drawn to is the carpet, therefore meaning that it is one of the most … read more

Date Added: 19/04/2015

Club and Pub Carpets Are Usually Hardwearing and Resilient

When thinking about carpets for a club or pub, you should probably go for something that is extremely hard wearing and easy to clean. This speaks for itself really, as all pubs and clubs experience a high level of traffic. No matter how careful your customers are, there are always going to be … read more

Date Added: 26/03/2015

Choose the Right Underlay for your Carpet

Many people spend hours, and sometimes days, thinking about what type of carpets (wool, nylon, polyester,…) to choose for their homes. After all, there’s a multitude of different patterns, colours and thicknesses to choose from, and getting it right is an important consideration. This is w … read more

Date Added: 26/03/2015

Carpet Fire Resistance

These days, everything is about health and safety. Sometimes this can be over the top and only serves to create work for the paper-pushers, but in terms of carpet fire resistance, nothing could be more important.  Your home and your workplace need to be kept safe from fire, so if possible … read more

Date Added: 26/03/2015

Natural Flooring: The Inexpensive Alternative

Natural flooring is available for use in both home and businesses and come in ranges and materials running the gamut from sisal, coir to seagrass. Carpets Direct can help you by visiting your home in Kensington, Knightsbridge, Chelsea, Mayfair or City of London with its mobile showroom. These … read more

Date Added: 26/03/2015

Natural Sisal Carpets in Chelsea

When you care about your apartment or house and want the best for yourself and your family, it can be very hard to get high quality at the right price when it comes to interior décor. However, in Chelsea London, homeowners have a great option when it comes to buying natural Sisal, plain, patt … read more

Date Added: 13/01/2015

Natural Sisal Carpets in Mayfair

Natural Sisal carpets are made with a tough fibre that also offers a superior aesthetic appeal, which is included in fine weaves to provide exceptional resilience and longevity. 

Shopping online is becoming the norm, but up until now it has not been the right solution for major … read more

Date Added: 13/01/2015

Wool or striped carpets in Mayfair

Shopping online is very popular but up until now, has not been totally effective for major household purchases such as carpets. However today all this has changed and if you live in Mayfair London, you will find that Carpets Direct provide a unique service that delivers all the convenience at … read more

Date Added: 16/08/2014

Wool and striped carpets in Chelsea

When you care about your home and want the best for yourself and your family, it can be very hard to get high quality at the right price when it comes to home décor. However, in Chelsea London, homeowners have a great option when it comes to buying carpets. Carpets Direct is a local company t … read more

Date Added: 16/08/2014

Knightsbridge wool and striped carpets

Customers in Knightsbridge London only care about high quality and with Carpets Direct, quality does not come any better! Choose from a great range of wool, striped, commercial carpets and floor coverings from the comfort of your own home and allow the Carpets Direct mobile showroom to come to … read more

Date Added: 16/08/2014

Wool Carpets in Kensington

If you live in Kensington London, you might think that there is no need to shop online. After all South Kensington is ideally suited for shops and also major shopping centres are only a short distance away. However when it comes to buying wool or striped carpets, your best option is Carpets Di … read more

Date Added: 16/08/2014

The benefits of rugs

Carpets and laminate flooring can be an expensive investment for a homeowner, not to mention the disruption to your daily life whilst they’re being fitted and installed. After the time and effort of having a new carpet, laminate, or hardwood flooring installed what happens when you fancy a c … read more

Date Added: 28/05/2014

Carpet jargon busted: types of pile

When you’re shopping for a new carpet you can suddenly find yourself faced with a confusing set of terms. Unless you work in the carpet industry you might not be au fait with the difference between a twist pile and a velvet pile, and you probably won’t know your Axminster from your Wilton. … read more

Date Added: 23/05/2014

Wool carpet vs. synthetic carpet

Whether you’re purchasing your first carpet for your new home, or replacing old carpet in your existing home, the question of wool versus synthetic carpet is bound to come up. As with most things in life, there are pros and cons to each type of carpet. As the carpet experts we’re here to o … read more

Date Added: 21/05/2014

The best things about a new carpet

Save up for a new carpet and when you can finally afford to order and pay for the wool twist it’s such a fabulous feeling. A new carpet brings so much pleasure to your life, you might not realise this at the time but this new flooring will enrich your life in so many ways.

You’v … read more

Date Added: 16/04/2014

Stubborn stains and how to deal with them

It doesn’t matter how careful you are around the house, bet your bottom dollar you’ll spill something on your carpet or drop something down your clothing at some point. Chances are it’ll be a stubborn stain too, something that’s dark, sinister and looks like it’s totally ruined your … read more

Date Added: 16/04/2014

Weird, wonderful and scary facts about carpets

We love our job at Carpets Direct, we’re the direct link between customers and quality carpets so how could we possibly not enjoy every day we spend in the office? Okay, some days are better than others, this is one of the better ones so we thought we’d have a little fun and share with you … read more

Date Added: 19/03/2014

5 ways to keep your home hair-free and smelling fresh if you own a pet

We’re a nation of pet lovers in the UK, we cuddle cats, dote on dogs and even find ferrets appealing! Loving pets is good for wellbeing, it’s therapeutic and rewarding to care for a puppy or a kitten. It’s not so good for carpets though, apart from ‘little accidents’ there’s the da … read more

Date Added: 19/03/2014

Easy Carpet Cleaning Tips

read more

Date Added: 05/03/2014

Simple vacuum care tips

We’ve mentioned the importance of regular vacuuming in one of our earlier blogs at Carpets Direct but routine cleaning is a waste of time if you don’t keep your vacuum in perfect working order. How do you keep the vac working perfectly though, and what type of maintenance will it require? … read more

Date Added: 28/02/2014

Learn how to vacuum in easy steps

The best way to keep your carpet clean is to give it a regular vac but how many people actually take the time to learn how to vac properly? A quick ‘trundle’ over crumbs isn’t the best method to adopt, care and precision is required if you want to give your carpet a comprehensive clean. … read more

Date Added: 28/02/2014

Wool Carpet for Chigwell

In Chigwell wool carpets have always been popular and this trend seems set to continue into the future. Good quality wool carpets combine beautiful looks with hardwearing durability to provide the perfect floor surface for your home. And with the trend towards natural materials in the home, wo … read more

Date Added: 25/02/2014

Wool Carpet for Chelmsford

Wool carpets are the perfect floor covering for your home. Hard wearing, stylish and comfortable, whatever your style of décor you can be confident to find the right one for you. And today with the fashion focused firmly on natural and environmentally friendly materials in the home, wool is t … read more

Date Added: 25/02/2014

Wool Carpet for Brentwood

If you are thinking of changing your flooring, switching to wool carpets is an option that ticks all the right boxes. Wool carpets combine natural ecologically sound material with warmth and style so you can enhance the look and comfort of your home without damaging the environment. If you liv … read more

Date Added: 25/02/2014

Wool Carpet for Billericay

If you are considering changing your floor covering and replacing with it with wool carpets Billericay might not seem to offer you much in the way of choice in shopping. Think again, because with Carpets Direct, the carpet mobile showroom comes to your home and offers you a wide range that wil … read more

Date Added: 25/02/2014

Wool Carpet for Basildon

1. Wool Carpets.

Today the fashion in Balidon Essex is tending towards natural materials in the home. Wool carpets provide cosyness, comfort and style with hard wearing functionality plus have many advantages over other types of flooring. One important advantage of a wool carpet is … read more

Date Added: 23/02/2014

Wool Carpet for South Woodham Ferrers

Wool is the ideal carpeting material. Soft and luxurious as well as tough and hard wearing, no wonder it has long been the carpeting of choice. Even today with so many synthetics available on the market, wool carpets have the edge over all the competition. In South Woodham Ferrers, wool carpet … read more

Date Added: 23/02/2014

Wool Carpet for Shenfiled

If you are considering buying wool carpets Shenfield is a great location. No, it has not become the centre of the Essex carpeting industry, but it is within the region covered by Carpets Direct – the local mobile carpet superstore. Bringing to Shenfield wool carpets of all types.

read more

Date Added: 23/02/2014

Wool Carpet for Maldon

Wool carpets are great! Wool is hardwearing and easy to clean and is still the carpeting material choice for most householders because no other carpeting looks as good or lasts as long. If you want to see the region’s best range of wool carpets Maldon is a great location. This is because Car … read more

Date Added: 23/02/2014

Wool Carpet for Loughton

Fitting wool carpets in your home is a great decision. Not only is wool carpeting smart and stylish, wool is a natural material, which does not harm the environment in the way that synthetic based material can do. And with today’s trend towards ecology starting from what you choose to put in … read more

Date Added: 23/02/2014

Prepping a room for a new carpet

We like to make things as easy as possible for our customers at Carpets Direct, use our quality service and you’ll have a carpet chosen, delivered and installed in your home before you know it. The only worry you’ll have is getting the room ready for the new carpet and that doesn’t have … read more

Date Added: 18/02/2014

Common mistakes to avoid when buying new carpet

We have a massive collection of natural carpets at Carpets Direct, take a look at our samples and we’re pretty confident you’ll fall in love with the styles and be amazed at the price. There’s something for everyone at our store and whether you are looking for plain woollen or striped ca … read more

Date Added: 18/02/2014

3 simple carpet cleaning tips

We supply a range of affordable flooring at Carpets Direct and know how much pride our customers take in their homes. So we wanted to give you a guide to caring for carpets, this way your new investment should last for years. Read or blog on carpet care and keep your flooring looking fabulous … read more

Date Added: 06/12/2013

Ways to stop dents in carpets

Fit a new carpet in your lounge and the last thing you want to see is unsightly dents that spoil the appearance of the flooring. Sadly, it’s hard to avoid dents if you have heavy items of furniture but with a few precautions you can lessen the impact of indentations on your carpet. This blog … read more

Date Added: 27/11/2013

Tips to protect carpet from paint

Paint and carpet don’t mix very well, if you splash paint on flooring it’s a nightmare to remove. So we looked at paint protection at Carpets Direct and investigated ways to keep your carpet looking pristine even if you to have to redecorate a room.

  • Cover floors … read more

    Date Added: 14/11/2013

Removing Stains from Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is generally very resilient, durable and low maintenance, but there are some stains and spills that require a little extra attention. Here’s our quick guide to how to deal with some of the most common sp … read more

Date Added: 10/10/2013

How to Clean Carpet

When you’ve invested in a new carpet for your home you’ll want to ensure that it lasts a long time. In order to promote the longevity of your carpet it’s important to follow some simple care and maintenance tips. We’ve put together a short … read more

Date Added: 19/09/2013

Facts about wool carpets

Wool carpets are a great flooring solution for any home. If you’re thinking about getting one for a room in your house or are interested in finding out more about them, here are some interesting facts that are sure to convert you into a fan of wool carpets.

Firstly, wool is a real … read more

Date Added: 19/02/2013

Why are Natural Carpets So Popular?

Natural carpets are very much en vogue in homes throughout the United Kingdom, spread over floors in homes from Scotland all the way down to the South Coast. Whether they are Sisal, Seagrass or Coir designs, they are valued by hom … read more

Date Added: 19/02/2013

Treat Your Employees Right with Finer Commercial Carpets in Office Areas

It does not take much thought to understand that the high traffic areas of a business require commercial carpets.  With feet running over such floor coverings all day, you do not want to invest a lot of money on commercial carpets that will be worn down to nothing in a year or two.  … read more

Date Added: 19/02/2013

5 Reasons to Choose Wool Carpets

Wool carpets have been popular for hundreds of years and some of the earliest examples of rugs and carpets in the world have been made from wool. It is no surprise, then, that they are still so sought after today. If you are lo … read more

Date Added: 19/02/2013

Choosing Different Contract Carpets for Different Areas is a Good Business Practice

When purchasing contract carpets most businesses tend to buy one material and use it in every area of their business, seeing it as applicable in nearly every situation.  This can be a mistake, as any contract carpet should be carefully considered when transitioning from room to room.  … read more

Date Added: 19/02/2013

Wool Carpets Have Evolved Through the Years

When we think of wool carpets we tend to consider them as static objects – wool has been around for thousands of years, and it is easy to assume that it has not changed much.  Yet even in our own lifetimes the materials that go into wool carpets have changed a great deal, as have the pr … read more

Date Added: 19/02/2013

Create the Perfect Atmosphere with Wool Carpets Over Laminates and Hardwoods

There are many flooring surfaces available to those choosing new floor coverings for their businesses.  With various hardwood, laminate, and carpeting options available, understanding the reasons why wool carpets are the best can sometimes be a bit difficult.  Yet there are very clea … read more

Date Added: 19/02/2013

Consider Style of Commercial Carpets to Capitalise on Customers Silent Preferences

In choosing commercial carpets for their business most people take a very narrow minded approach.  They focus only on cost, looking at the bottom line of every commercial carpet option rather than how it looks in a particular setting or how the colour of the floor covering might affect cu … read more

Date Added: 19/02/2013

Carpets in Chelmsford

As the historic county town of Essex, Chelmsford has always been important. Now with its recently awarded city status due to the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations, Chelmsford has finally been recognised for the major centre it is.

When it comes to buying carpets, the people of … read more

Date Added: 19/02/2013


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